Rosetta Stone V3 Spanish (Latin America) Levels 1-5

Dynamic Immersion Method  invented independently by an U.S. language science & technology company Rosetta Stone simulates a native-like environment and the natural process of learning mother tongue through the computer network technology. The simple and intuitive interface and the use of advanced technology make you build a constant link between the images you have understood and the new language you have learned, which consolidate every step of language learning. Timely feedbacks provided by Software can effectively reinforce learning. The systematic course structure can give you a rapid promotion from simple nouns and verbs to complex concepts and statements, helping you to achieve language learning goals with an unimaginable speed with Rosetta Stone V3 Spanish (Latin America) Levels 1-5 !

Level 1 of Rosetta Stone V3 Spanish —studying basic vocabulary to build the base of language and grasping the key point of language structure, which makes you confident in language learning when you practice some conversation skills.
The contents are various, including greetings, introduction, asking and answering simple questions, shopping and so on; basic knowledge nouns, verbs, adjectives, numerals, questions, colors, clothing, friend, family age, family relationships, family members, introduction, landmark, countries, several time intervals that describe the work and school at one day, greetings, calendar terms, body parts, conversations, personal health, shopping, selling and buying, entertainment, sports, commodities, speed and weight.

Level 2 of Rosetta Stone V3 Spanish (Latin America) Levels 1-5—Level1 Easily respond to the surrounding environment. Based on the vocabulary and key points you learned in Level 1, a further learning about your surroundings is prepared in Level 2.
The contents are rich, including asking and directing the way, using transportation, inquiring and informing the time, eating out, wording for social activities etc.; purpose of travel, transportation, direction, location, telling time, distance, cost, weather, past and future tenses, writing letters, school curriculum, tag, workplace, courtesy requirements; friends and social life, months of the year, arrival and departure, social influence, celebrations, meals, quality name, apologies, dining and vacation, the future tense, art phrases, architecture and music, emotion, worship places, travel and lodging.

Level 3—communicate freely with the outside world. Based on the basic knowledge and communication skills learned in Level 1 and Level 2, In Level 3 learn, you can share your ideas and views with others, or talk about your daily lives, hobbies, work, study, ongoing events etc., including health and family terminology, garden and patio activities, household appliances and common phrases, exercise terminology, life and world emotions, continents, life turning points, oceans, plants, animals, places, opinions and judgments of events, exchange , circulation and transactions, measurement, home repair tools, measuring utensils; countries in the world, government officials, political terms, media terms, business terms, religious terms and doing things.